About Us

To establish a successful business that churns out great profit continuously months after months and years after years, first, requires a great idea. Next, it requires a support mechanism comprising of planning, products, promotion and funding. When all these factors converge together and runs as a cohesive unit supporting one another optimally, the idea starts rolling. But once again, to run these mechanisms together the idea must be revolutionary, all-encompassing and above all, profitable. OTM is one among those very ideas with the potentiality to give unfathomable riches!

The idea behind OTM was born to eradicate the most crucial problem of the direct marketing industry – quality products in plenty. It is hard to find both quality and variation in the same place no matter what the possibilities of great incomes are. Even great business plans fail to yield the desired outcome either due to lack of variation or outright poor quality. The concept behind OTM is to take this industry-wide problem head on. The goal is simple; create a system that would NOT confine the user with a handful of products or just a few categories and instead, giving a platform comprising of :

  • Multiple 'departments' (not just simple categories!) of products ranging from groceries to personal care and gift items to home appliances.
  • Plethora of services from utility bill payment to travel helpdesk.
  • A robust after-sales, delivery and support mechanism.
  • Above all - Thousands of products and multiple options

Why to trust OTM?

Quality, service and growth – are the three pillars of OTM business model. This is just not hollow talk; to ensure that we maintain our quality to the optimum level, we have come out with our own brands of products – Bathroom & Tiles Cleaner, Chocolate Handwash Pearly, Car/Glass/Screen Cleaner, Talcum Powder (Sandal), Talcum Powder (Young & Esteem), Dish Wash-powerful Active Neem, Liquid Detergent (for Clothes/fabric), Glass Window Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Talcum Powder (Aqua Blue & Mahagony). These two brands together cover almost everything a household and an individual need in daily life.

We understand that trust is the single most important factor in any business and trust comes through an established setup, profound command on the business domain, transparent business policies and continuous support. At OTM, we take all these pretty seriously.

The infrastructure

To produce, manage and market this gigantic list of products and services under a single roof needs an equally supportive infrastructure. The highlights of OTM infrastructure are :

  • 10,000 Sq. ft. area covering complete facility
  • A location in one of most coveted business areas in Gwalior
  • A 250-member strong team
  • In-house IT, support, administration and sales team comprising of top-level professionals
  • Separate Quality Assessment and audit team with independent charges
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities managed by industry-leading manufacturers
  • Sourcing of raw material ONLY from trusted and graded sources
  • Shipment through leading delivery partners

A failure-proof model

We proudly say that our Business Model is ‘failure-proof’. Years of experience of people at the top positions and advisory panel of the company analyzed, tested, reworked and came finally solutions for every possible negatively impacting scenarios and the team implemented those. As a result, our model now stands as strong revenue-generating machine that can churn profits for months after months.

Finally, for you the user, business grows only when you have the right support at the right time. At OTM we ensure that every customer is treated with priority. Because if you get the right direction at the opportune time, you achieve greater success and Success brings Happiness. Always!

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Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Nothing replaces wealth and happiness. The mission of OTM is to take everyone associated to greater heights in terms of financial security, enviable lifestyle and above all, perennial happiness. Our single goal is to devise and execute the right sort of processes so that wealth and happiness can be achieved in the smartest possible way.

Our Vision

A strong economy is the driving force behind a harmonious society. Economic strength brings confidence, advocates peace and maintains harmony. We envision to help everyone prosper economically and lead a highly contended and happy life.