OTM values its customers account details, and ensures the use of the latest advanced security features to Register, Sign-in, Protect and recovery options. Customer information is sensitive where safe hands and safe servers protect your details and keep them secure

OTM ensures utmost safety and security for the information provided by the customer for their transaction or personal details shared at any time due to any reason. Information shared with OTM is under strict security. 256-bit SSL for the links and are one of the top bodies in the world which authenticates our system. We ensure complete security to your confidential information and third party users are not involved with us, hence your information is safe and not shared with any third-party users.

Each measure, we take for information protection, is in accordance with the compliance of the Company Information & Security Policy. In observation with the recent cyber security threat, no information is 100% secure on the web or any wired/wireless network but only at various exceptional cases, any security leak can incur. Wherein, we attempt and assure highest degree of security measures execution for information protection and its security.

Your account protection is amongst our crucial priorities which provides each account with

Strong Encryption

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate

Proactive Surveillance

Additional Precautions

Password Protection

OTM aims to protect your account and keep every details and financial earnings safe and secure. We request our customers to read the following information and comply with them for security measures.

Account protection or identity theft:

  • Choose your username and new password carefully
  • Keep changing your password at regular intervals
  • Choose an easy yet strong password, preferably a combination of letters, digits, upper and lower cases.
  • Ignore any false emails sent to you with our name, and if any such instance occurs, please contact us immediately.

Account theft suspicion

In case you suspect account theft or password leak, follow the steps below:

  • Despite of account theft suspicion, if you still have account access, please change your password immediately.
  • If you have lost the account access, please contact us on an immediate basis to help us protect your account and balance.

Identity theft suspicion

If at any point, you think someone else has used your identity or new account creations have taken place on your identity and confidential information, please write to us with relevant details and your identity proof. We ensure taking the correct steps for it. All your payments process through a 256-bit SSL encryption secures and tracks down all financial dealings at OTM, ensuring

Payment Gateway

Completion of few tasks for ensuring a successful transaction in a more secured way from your end. Thus, automatically encrypting your information and leaving no stance of any misuse or information leak for your payments at OTM. We ensure data protection through information technology resources use, preserve, and authenticate the information before proceeding with the data processing and storage. Note: Please ensure you receive mails through the OTM email ID “the extension” and not just the OTM name attached to any sub-domain.



Note: Please do not choose a password difficult to remember, and ensure focus on characters, digits or alphabets easy to remember. Please do not share the password with anyone.